Please complete these forms and return them to Simply Cremation by mail or fax. Once we receive this information, we can begin filing the required paperwork.


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To complete the death certificate and burial permit, the State of Michigan requires this information be collected from a family member. The informant named on this form will also be used on the death certificate. We will file the completed death certificate with the Vital Statistics Office in the county where the death occurred.

Credit Card Authorization

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Authorization of Cremation

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Authorization for Cremation is required before cremation can take place. The person(s) authorized to sign for cremation are the deceased's next of kin. For information on who the next of kin might be please see the Next of Kin section below.

Next of Kin (in Order of Priority)

  • Spouse
  • Majority of children
  • Majority of grandchildren
  • Majority of great grandchildren
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Majority of siblings
  • Majority of nieces & nephews
  • Majority of grand nieces & nephews
  • Majority of aunts & uncles
  • Majority of first cousins
  • Any other blood relative
If no person exists, can be located, or agrees to sign the authorization, the decedent's guardian has the final say over disposition. If there is no guardian a personal representative named in the decedent's will or appointed by a court has the final say over disposition.

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