Why Cremation

Just Cremation

  1. Cost – We offer a cremation at $995 in all of Kent County and Holland, Michigan. Compare this to a funeral that averages between $7,000 and $10,000 and the savings are tremendous. 
  2. Cremains can be stored in a beautiful Urn and kept close by loved one.
  3. Ashes can be scattered at a favorite place that was dear to the deceased.
  4. Ashes can be divided up to numerous family and friends who can purchase jewelry to hold them.
  5. Memorial gatherings can be planned for any time. Because there is no hurry to bury, the family can plan the perfect time that works for everyone.
  6. Many families live hundreds of miles apart, making a local family cemetery impractical. 
  7. Religions are softening their views on cremations.
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